.He begged me to forgive him and a●ccept his apology. This is the third time ▓that a convict has offered an apolo▓gy for having lost his temper and us●ed

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profane language to me. ● I asked one of the convicts● who had apologized if he th●ought I had kept silent because I was a▓fraid of him.No, he said.●The man who loses his temper is the one who is a▓fraid.The one who never become●s angry is never afraid; he ●is the better m

an of the two. XVIII ▓ I had been three

months in the hospital▓ before I began to suspect that I would never ▓get over my skin disease so long as I wore the ▓tattered and patched striped trousers w

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hich had● been handed to me on my arrival.Therefore I▓ begged the hospital keeper for permi▓ssion to get a new or at least a cl●ean pair.He told me to go downstairs to the[▓Pg 146] head keeper's desk.T▓he reception I got from the head keeper was not● surprising, but his sudden burst of anger and▓ his intemperate language puzzle●d me not a little.As soon as I● approached him he turned arou▓nd sharply and shouted: What t▓he h—— do you want Before I▓ had time to complete my request he interrupted● me, and shaking his fist at me, yelled: A pa●ir of trousers! What do you think of that dud▓e in the hospital wanting a new pa▓ir of tr

ousers! Go on back to your hospital, yo●u d

irty bum.You ——! Get out!▓ I turned back slowly without answering, t●ryin

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g meanwhile to puzzle out how I could repr●esent two such different social extremes in▓ the mind of the irate keeper—a dude and a dir▓ty bum! When I related the incident to my▓ hospital keeper, he shook his hea●d and declared the head keeper an● uncouth, stupid animal, and promis▓ed to speak about it to the [Pg 1●47]Deputy


.Next day a runner brought m●e a brand new pair of striped trousers,

which l▓ooked quite becoming and a good fit after the r●ags

I had worn for so long. XIX A great

●many doctors come to visit t

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